Get Comfortable America.

Starting At

We believe that bells and whistles aren’t very conducive to rest, so we did away with all of the unnecessary noise and concentrated on the...
Cooling Layer

Feran Ice layer.

Top Layer

Sleep comfy and cool with a 3” high density disco topper that will last.
(3.0 pound density 10 IFD Viscoelastic Memory Foam - Ultimate Comfort)

Transition Layer

1” high resilience and high density layer to add bounce and support. This helps increase the performance of the layers above and below the mattress.
(2.5 pound density 13 IFD - Bounce and High Resilience Layer)

Medium Support Layer

2” high density medium firmness support layer to give support to areas of the body like legs, neck and head.
(1.8 pound density 24 IFD - Comfort and Support)

Firm Support Layer

6" high density medium firm base layer to ensure your mattress is supportive in the hips and shoulders.
(1.8 pound density 35 IFD - Support Layer)

12" construction all foam mattress
comfortable and supportive for all body types
improved posture relief
less motion transfer